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Reliable software for weighing operations on truck and rail scales

  • GSW is modern, specialised computer software designed to handle weighing processes on truck and rail scales

  • GSW means a 100% reliable operation throughout the whole period of the software being used, regardless of amounts of collected data. See the details

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Modern application designed to handle various weighing processes on different scales: platform, pallet, laboratory scales, etc.

  • X-Scale is an aggregate of all our experiences in designing computer software to be used in industrial weighing operations.

  • X-Scale is not only a comprehensive application to handle weighing operations, but also a foundation to build non-standard weighing systems.


X-Scale Belt

Software for handling belt conveyor scales

X-Scale Belt is a product of many-year experiences with software designed to register excavating and loading of bulk materials in such plants like: mines, gravel pits, cement works. X-Scale Belt can co-operate with any type of weighing devices.


Terminale serii STX

Samoobsługowe terminale dla kierowców
STX 4000 & STX 5000

Terminale są wyposażone w:

  • czytelny wyświetlacz
  • klawiaturę alfanumeryczną
  • czytnik kart RFID
  • drukarkę kwitów wagowych
  • Interkom do kontaktów z obsługą
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Czytniki RFID serii STX

Czytniki kart RFID do systemów ważenia pojazdów STX 1000 & STX 2000

  • Czytnik STX 1000 - czytelne potwierdzenie wykonania ważenia sygnalizowane zaświeceniem się znaku OK, odczyt karty RFID sygnalizowany dźwiękiem
  • Czytnik STX 2000 - wyświetlacz komunikatów dla kierowcy, klawiatura numeryczna, odczyt karty RFID sygnalizowany dźwiękiem
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Universal recorder of data coming from RS232 serial port. Max. memory of 32 GB!

RSD is a simple and modern electronic device used for recording any data coming from the RS 232 serial port. Correct recording of the frame in the device memory will be signalled by a flashing diode or setting a transmitter for the time stipulated during configuration. Recorded data can be downloaded on the USB key, while the results can be displayed by means of utility software, included in the recorder package.


UCX-5, UCX-9

Industrial converters USB / RS 232 / RS 485

  • Simultaneous handling of the following standards: RS 232 and RS 485 2W
  • Optoisolation 1 kV
  • Enhanced resistance to electromagnetic interference
  • Robust stainless steel casing

Recommended for connecting software and scale meters.


Software integration

Our company specialises in integrating weighing software with parent systems.
  • Aligning software with parent systems.
  • Software standardisation to handle weighing devices in all branches of the company.
  • Software adjustment to individual requirements.

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