Systems with Long Range Tags

Weighing systems with the use of the long-range RFID tags

The company GS Software specialises in the development of weighing systems, combined with the long-range RFID tags. In the system, the RFID tags are installed in the vehicles, e.g. on the containers. The said tag can contain various data about the container, such as: container weight, its owner data, etc. When the vehicle enters the weighbridge, the information saved on the tag is identified by the system and automatically sent to the weighing program.

An example of the weighing system with the reading-out of the RFID tags


The system includes:

• The RFID antenna, allowing to read the tags out
• GSW Automat software
• Set of RFID tags


  1. A vehicle enters the weighbridge.
  2. While the vehicle enters the device, the system
    automatically recognizes the containers stored in the vehicle.
  3. The weighbridge operator enters the data (a vehicle
    registration plate number, customer, waste code, etc.)
    and approves the weighing operation. The weighted weight
    is automatically decreased by the container tare values.

The weighing while exiting is the same as the weighing while
entering – the system automatically manages any collected
and returned containers. The system operation logic can be
adjusted, at any time, to particular requirements of the company.

Advantages of the RFID system

Advantages of the systems with the use of long-range RFID tags:
• Avoid mistakes with the identification of vehicles/ tankers/ containers
• Increased weighbridge capacity
• Increased safety (drivers need not leave their vehicles)

The RFID system includes:

The standard set for the self-service kick-off includes:
• 1 x Control box
• 1 x GSW Automat Software
• 2 x RFID Antenna for tags reading
• 1 x Desktop RFID reader
• A set of 20 long-distance RFID tags, mounted on the truck windshield
*Optionally: a set of 10 long-range RFID tags screwed to a metal construction
• 2 x LED Traffic light (210 mm lens) 230V + holder
• 2 sets of photocells to monitor the vehicle position on the weighbridge


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