Integrated vehicle weighing systems

Integrated vehicle weighing systems with automatic data transmission to the central server

GS Software company specializes in the construction of integrated vehicle weighing systems. The systems we create enable to transfer data from the scale to the database in the cloud. In places of vehicle unloading, where a scale cannot be constructed, it is possible to control the unloading on an ongoing basis by using GSW mobile application or RFID card readers. Data from numerous scales and places of unloading can be viewed by persons in the company’s main facility using GSW Viewer software.

A sample weighing system


An example of a weighing system using an RFID card reader and data transmission to a central server.

  1. The scale’s signalling light is green, the vehicle enters the scale and the red signalling light comes on.
  2. The driver reads the card on STX 1000 reader. The weighing data, including camera images, are transmitted to the database in the cloud. After the weighing has been completed, the driver receives a weighing ticket confirming the weighing completion.
  3. The signalling devices’ colour turns green, the vehicle leaves the scale.

Data transfer

Data from the terminal mounted at the scale (i.e. information about the weighing completed and camera images) are sent to the database stored in the cloud. Information from GSW mobile application is transferred to the same database. Access to the data sent is possible via GSW Remote Viewer software. It is used to view data and images and to generate reports and lists from multiple scales (branches), e.g. in the company’s main office.

Unloading - control devices in the place of unloading


In places where the unloading is human-controlled one can use a mobile phone with a RFID card reader installed. Having reached the place of unloading, the driver reads the card using his/her mobile phone and the information on time, item and card number is transmitted to the central database.


STX 2000 reader equipped with GPRS is installed in the place of unloading. After the unloading has been completed, the driver reads a RFID card on the reader. Information about the time and place of unloading is transmitted to the central database via a modem.

Data overview using GSW Viewer

Data from numerous scales (branches) and from places of unloading are collected in the central database. GSW Remote Viewer software enables to view data from branches, i.e. details of weighings and the photos taken. The program also enables to create collective reports or reports broken down by respective branches. It is also possible to use it in order to transfer data to branches, e.g. updated lists of contractors.

The system is composed of:

The standard self-starter kit is composed of:

• 1 x GSW Automat software
• 1 x RFID STX 1000 card reader
• 1 x Terminal with RFID STX 1000 card reader and a printer
• 1 x GSW Remote Viewer software
• 1 x telephone with a mobile application or STX 2000 reader with GPRS



Integrated vehicle weighing system


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