Software for belt conveyor scales

Software for belt conveyor scales

X-Scale Belt guarantees a reliable operation, 24h a day, 365 days a year.

Handling any number of scales

The X-Scale Belt software is able to simultaneously gather measurement data from any number of belt conveyor scales. Each of the scales may be of a different type (a different scale meter) and operate in various shift modules.


Configurable time lapses

The X-Scale Belt software totalizes mass weighed in shift cycles. The changes (time lapses) can be configured at discretion.

Software users management

The software contains a panel to manage software users.

Managing weighed products

The software contains a panel for managing weighed products. A product may be assigned to a given shift (in turns with the scales).

Online network

The X-Scale Belt software is designed to operate within a local online network, with any number of users.


Reports are an advantage of the X-Scale Belt software. The software is equipped with a report creator module, by means of which a user is able to create aggregate and detailed reports, organised according to weight, shift or products. Report results may be exported to a file in PDF or MS Excel format.

Connection of the software to the loading program

The X-Scale Belt software, correlated with industrial automation components or scale counters with feeding systems, can be used in the loading processes. The X-Scale Belt software can be integrated with parent systems (e.g. transport notification system).

List of weighing operations

Registered weighing operations can be viewed in a list of weighing operations (with the use of time-, weight- or product-related classification).

  • Ability to create weighing reports
  • Ability to review scale counters
  • Ability to export counter results to txt or csv files

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