Software for weighing scales

We specialise in creating software for weighing operations


Software to perform weighing operations by means of truck or rail scales

GSW is a modern, specialised software designed to handle weighing operations by means of truck or rail scales.

GSW co-operates with several dozen types of scale counters, operates analogue and IP cameras, proximity card readers, self-service terminals. GSW is able to co-operate with any number of terminals.

GSW is a 100% reliable operation throughout the whole service life, notwithstanding the amount of gathered data.


Software for various types of weighing devices: platform scales, palette scales, laboratory scales and other devices

X-Scale is an aggregate of all our experiences in designing computer software to be used in weighing operations.

X-Scale is an independent, comprehensive application for handling weighing procedures. It is also a foundation to build non-standard weighing systems.

X-Scale Belt

Software for belt conveyor scales

X-Scale Belt is designed to register excavating and loading of bulk materials in such plants like: aggregate mines, gravel pits, cement works.

X-Scale Belt may simultaneously operate numerous scales. The software can be adjusted to any type of scales.


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