ANPR Systems

Weighing systems with vehicle number plate recognition

The company GS Software excels in the development of weighing systems, combined with the number plate recognition of the weighed vehicles. The GSW software has a mathematically strong engine to recognise vehicle plates number. Our number plate recognition system uses also professional high-resolution cameras.

An example of the weighing system with vehicle number plate recognition

WEIGHING SYSTEM with Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The system consists of:

• Control box
• 3 x professional cameras
• 2 x traffic lights
• GSW Automat Software


  1. The weighbridge is empty, the traffic lights flash green. A vehicle enters the weighbridge.
  2. While the car enters the weighbridge, the system takes a series of photos and recognises the vehicle registration plate number.
  3. When the vehicle stops, the traffic lights flash red.
  4. As soon as the weight gets stabilised, the weighing operation is saved in the database. The traffic lights flash green, the vehicle can leave the weighbridge.
  5. When the vehicle leaves the weighbridge, the traffic lights flash red for 5 seconds and then they flash green again – it means that the system is ready for another weighing operation.

After loading or unloading, the vehicle returns to the weighbridge and the weighing operation is repeated in the reverse direction. On the basis of the recognised registration plate numbers the system finds the first weighing operation and associates it with the other one. On the basis of the difference between two weights, the system determines the net weight of goods. The system operational logic can be adjusted, at any time, to particular requirements of customers.

LDX displays

Industrial diode displays. You can use it at ANPR systems for displaying information for drivers.

Advantages of the
ANPR systems

Advantages of the weighing systems combined with the vehicle number plate recognition:

• No operators operating the weighbridge
• Increased weighing capacity (the whole process lasts 15~20 sec)
• Improved safety (drivers do not need to leave their vehicles)
• Recognition effectiveness – around 95 %

The ANPR system includes:

The standard set to be initiated by its user consists of:
• 1 x GSW Automat Software with an implemented vehicle number plate recognition engine
• 1 x Control box containing elements necessary to control the elements of the system (e.g. traffic lights, traffic gates, LED displays, etc.)
• 2 x High-quality cameras enabling number plates recognition
• 2 x LED Traffic light (210 mm lens) 230V + holder
• 2 sets of photocells to monitor the vehicle position on the weighbridge





Photo Gallery:

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