Software integrations

The Company GS Software specialises in integrating weighing software with parent systems

In many companies, a scales is a determinant of the company’s success (e.g. in mines, gravel pits, scrapyards, gas bottling plants, etc.). The course of weighing operations should be meticulously analysed, from the moment of notification to the moment of acceptance/ release of goods. Software integration allows to control weighing operations in a stricter way and eliminates superfluous circulation of documents between a parent system and a weighing system.

Our company excels in integrating weighing systems and ERP-class systems.

T Departments in multi-branch companies have to face a frequent problem of having scales software designed by various producers. Due to various characters of branches, software integration is often an uneasy enterprise.

Our company specialises in finding solutions to these problems. We have provided scales software standardisation services for very large companies (such as GASPOL, BarterGAZ, STENA Recycling, MotaEngil, to name just a few).

A common mistake is to let an IT company, specialising in the ERP-system implementation, deal with scales software

Software for weighing operations is of a specific character – it has to be simple, reliable and compliant with applicable laws. We would be happy to advise you on how to go through software integration smoothly.

That is why we are willing to modify a program or create a customised weighing system to fully fit your requirements.

The Company GS Software has developed numerous projects involving integrations of weighing systems with parents systems. Our portfolio contains large installation enterprises encompassing several dozens of companies’ branches and complex weighing methods.

If you are willing to learn more about system integration, feel free to contact us – we will answer all of your questions.

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