Software for weighing scales


GSW - Software for truck and rail scales

Software for weighing operations on truck and rail scales

Oprogramowanie dedykowane branży rolniczej

GSW Agro - obsługa analizatorów

X-Scale - Software for industrial scales

Software for weighing operations on various types of industrial scales (palette, laboratory, ...)

X-Scale Belt - Software for belt conveyor scales

Software for belt conveyor scales

Galileo - Software for scales management

Software for scales management



Self-service Terminals

STX 4000 and STX 5000 self-service terminals for drivers

RFID Card Readers

Rfid readers for vehicle weighing systems STX 1000 and STX 2000

ANPR Systems

Weighing system combined with vehicle plate recognition

RFID Tags Systems

Weighing systems combined with long-range rfid tags

Integrated Systems

Integrated vehicle weighing systems with automatic data transmission to the central server

Sea Containers

Weighing systems with the function of sea container number recognition

Systems with remote controls

Weighing systems with remote control handling

Systems with barcode readers

Weighing systems combined with barcode readers



LDX – LED displays

Industrial LED displays in a stainless steel case

Tablice LED

Przemysłowe tablice LED

TBX - Wireless connection between load cell and indicator

Used in Weighing systems for forklifts

BLX- Konwerter RS 232/485 na Bluetooth 5.0

Konwerter czujnika tensometrycznego na bluetooth

RSD – Recorder RS232

Universal recorder of data incoming from the RS232 serial port

Desktop RFID card reader

Reader cooperates with Unique 125 KHz standard proximity cards

Software integration


Software integration

The GS Software company
specialises in integrating
weighing software with parent systems


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