STX Terminals

Self-service terminals for drivers, dedicated to vehicle weighing systems

STX 5000


The STX 5000 self-service terminal, equipped with a clear TFT display of the great brightness, which allows to perform reading-outs even in the direct sun. The alphanumeric keypad, mounted on the terminal, consists of large keys that make it easier for the users to enter a text. The STX 5000 terminal can be equipped with an industrial printer of weighing tickets as well as an intercom to contact the weighing bridge staff (HD-quality sound).

STX 4000


The STX 4000 self-service terminal, equipped with an LCD display, RFID card reader and alphanumeric keypad. In the cover protecting the keypad there are LED lights for the sake of works performed at night. The STX 4000 terminal is able to print out weighing tickets and control external devices (traffic lights, traffic gates, etc.).

STX 5000C

Mobile Terminal

The STX 5000C mobile terminal is equipped with a clear TFT display of very high brightness enabling operation even in harsh sunlight. The numeric keypad mounted on the terminal has large buttons facilitating user operation. The STX 5000C terminal can be mounted on forklifts and loaders.


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