Components for weighing systems

We produce high-quality subassemblies adjusted to be used in industry

LDX displays

Industrial LED displays

LDX-series displays are designed to be used in industrial automated systems. Robust and sealed mechanical construction allows to use the displays under unfavourable conditions (e.g. in highly dusted rooms). The set contains a display and utility software LDX Programmer designed to manage the device memory and create additional alphabets and graphics.

UCX converter

Industrial converters USB RS-232 / RS-485 with 1kV optoisolation

UCX-series converters are designed to handle communication in the following standards RS232 (the Rx, Tx, GND lines) and RS485 2W. To ensure that system operates in a given standard, one should only connect cables to screw fastening or to a D-Sub screw.


Universal data recorder

RSD is a modern and simple electronic device used for recording any data coming from the RS 232 serial port. Proper saving of a frame within the device memory is to be signalled by a flashing diode or setting a transmitter to the time defined during configuration.

Recorded data can be transferred to a USB key, while the results can be displayed in the utility software, attached to the recorder to form a set.

Desktop RFID
card reader

Solid desktop RFID card reader

Desktop RFID card reader produced by GS Software is used to read UNIQUE transponder codes. Communication between the reader, the computer and its power supply takes place via a USB port.


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