RFID Readers

RFID readers of the STX series are dedicated to vehicle weighing systems

STX 1000 &
STX 1200


STX 1000 is a simple and reliable reader of the RFID cards. Reading out
of the RFID card is signalled by a sound signal, whereas the completion
of the weighing operation is marked by the display of the "OK" sign on
the display. The reader can be equipped with an extension card allowing
to control external devices (e.g. traffic gates).

STX 2000


STX 2000 includes the OLED display, alphanumeric keypad and the RFID card reader. The weighing process starts upon approaching the card to the reader or entering the PIN code. The reader can operate in the autonomous mode, which is highly useful in the controlling applications, e.g. crossing the gate. The reader has the internal memory of around 2,000 cards.


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