Industrial LED display

Dedicated to work in industrial environment

The LDX-series displays are designed to be used in industrial automated systems. Robust and sealed mechanical construction allows to use the displays under unfavourable conditions (e.g. in highly dusted rooms). The set contains a display and utility software LDX Programmer designed to manage the device memory and create additional alphabets and graphics.

While ordering a display, one should specify a display model and a connector type, e.g.: LDX-04-P4.

P1...P4 – the Phoenix Contact connector, SACC-M12MR-5SC M model (max. thickness of a single wire 0.5 mm)
P5...P6 - the Amphenol connector, Ecomate C016 30F006 100 12 model (max. thickness of a single wire 1.5 mm)


Connector including power supply with RS 232


Connector including power supply with RS 485


Connector including power supply and
a connector containing 2xRS-485 2W


Connector including power supply
and a connector containing RS-232 and RS 485 2W


Connector including power supply, with RS-232 and RS-485 2W


Connector adjusted
on Customer’s demand

Display memory

The LDX-series displays have in-built memories. The memory is designed to store alphabets and texts that can be created and uploaded into a display by means of the LDX Programmer software. Each alphabet letter can be of any width and height and of any size (i.e. it can be any graphical character).

  • Number of in-built alphabets: 4 (each containing 255 characters)
  • Number of alphabets to be defined: 4 (each containing 255 characters)

Rotating images

LDX Programmer software

Functions of the LDX Programmer software:

  • Creating and saving of customised alphabets on a display (graphics editor)
  • Managing texts saved in the display memory
  • Testing all transmission protocol functions
  • Changing transmission parameters

Download the program

Technical specifications:

Casing material: stainless steel
Front glass material: polycarbonate
Rear cover gasket material: EPDM rubber
Sealing class: IP65
Supply voltage: 12~24 VDC
Max. power consumption 4A for supply of 12 V DC,
2A for supply of 24 V DC
Working temperature: -20° ~ 60° C
Working humidity: 5 do 95% RH
Storage temperature: -30° ~ 75° C
Number of diodes: 1024 in the LDX-04 version
Max. height of a displayed character: 160 mm
Distance between diodes: 10 mm
Weight: 7.7 kg - the LDX-04 version

LDX dimensions

Ordering information

LDX - 04 HDW-LDX-04

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