Industrial LED displays

Dedicated to work in industrial environment

LDX-04E series displays are designed to work in industrial automation systems. With the display you can show any text and graphic signs. The display design (driver + division into LED panels) allows you to build displays of any size.

Display operating modes

Mode I: Display of digits

(e.g. weight values from a scale) and any text (including text scrolling function).

Mode II: Traffic control

The display can be equipped with an additional panel for displaying
red and green light (8x8 cm - the size of a given colour area).

Any graphic signs can also be displayed on the display.

Advantages of LDX-04E displays

  • the highest quality LEDs guaranteeing excellent visibility even in bright sunlight and many years of work without compromising the quality of the information displayed.
  • modern design of a LED driver making it possible to build displays of any size
  • additional PC software for managing alphabets and building graphic signs
  • TCP/IP communication (RS232 and RS485 on request)
  • a light sensor adjusting the LED brightness to the weather conditions
  • the product is 100% designed and manufactured in Poland

PC software: LDX-Manager

Free PC software is available for the display: LDx-Manager which allows for, among others: - automatic search of the display in the network - IP address configuration - font management

LED boards

Our offer also includes industrial LED boards. LED boards may be of any dimensions and of any working area arrangements (LED panels).

• Material of the side sections: Anodized aluminium
• Material of the rear covers: Raw aluminium
• Windshield material: polycarbonate
• Supply voltage of the board: 230 VAC
• Communication: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485

We only use top-class OSRAM LEDs in our boards.
The LED boards (electronics + housing) are 100% manufactured in Poland.

*Example of an order fulfilled: LED board with dimensions of 6 rows, 12 LED panels each

Technical specifications:

Housing material anodized aluminium
Front glass material polycarbonate
Back cover gasket material EPDM rubber
Tightness class IP55
Supply voltage 230 VAC
Max. power consumption 0,5A
Number of LEDs 1024
Maximum height of the sign displayed 160 mm
Distance between LEDs 10 mm
Communication TCP/IP
Storage temperature from -30 to +75 C
Operating temperature from -20 to +60 C
Working humidity 5 to 95% RH

LDX dimensions

Ordering information


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