Contaminations value, determined in percent or kilograms

The GSW program has a module for handling contaminations of products. Before the weighing operation is performed, the user can enter the value of the contaminations. The contamination value can be expressed in kilograms or percent– the program automatically calculates the net weight, which is to be diminished by the contaminations value.

Defining the contaminations value

On the weighing window, the user determines whether contamination should be expressed in percent or kilograms, and what is its value. Then, the program calculates the weighing value, diminished by the contamination value.

Segmentation of contaminated weighing operations

Thanks to the weighing segmentation module, each of the performed weighing operations can be additionally divided. Each of the divided weighing operations can have a determined value of contamination, regardless of its previous values. The program automatically calculates the weighing value, diminished by the contamination value, expressed in percent and/or kilograms.




GSW Standard Software


Handling of contaminations (software module)


Handling of weighing segmentation (software module)


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Additional modules to the GSW Standard program

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