Traffic lights controlling

3 modes of traffic lights controlling

The GSW software is equipped with an additional module to control traffic lights. One can control the traffic lights in a few modes (manual, automatic, semi-automatic,) and adjust the traffic light operating logic to specific requirements. The weighbridge operator can, from the level of the GSW program, control the traffic lights by means of buttons in the weighing panel.

Visibility in the weighing window

A standard weighing scheme, under the automatic mode:
1. The weighbridge is empty, the green light flashes.
2. A vehicle enters the weighbridge – the red light flashes
3. When the weighing operation is completed, the green light flashes again.

Controlling of traffic lights and gates

The GSW can simultaneously operate both the traffic lights and the traffic gates. Moreover, the program can also have a module for camera handling.

Simultaneous controlling of traffic lights and traffic gates in the weighing window

When a weighing operation is performed, in the weighing window one can preview the traffic lights and traffic gates.



GSW Standard Software


Traffic lights controlling by means of the GSW program
The set includes:
A control box and a module to control traffic lights


Traffic gates controlling by means of the GSW program
The set includes:
A control box and a module to control traffic gates


Additional charge to control boxes (GSW-ADD-H-01, GSW-ADD-H-02) allowing to connect the IP cameras.
The set includes:
A PoE power supply to be built-in, combined with low voltage system


Traffic light and traffic gates controlling by means of the GSW program, combined with camera handling module
The set includes:
A control box, module to control traffic lights, module to control traffic gates as well as camera handling equipment


  • The operating logic to be determined upon placing of an order

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Additional modules to the GSW Standard program

Please find out what additional modules can be added to the functionality of the GSW program in its Standard version. CLICK ON THE ICON.


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