Issuing invoices with the GSW program

The GSW program can be equipped with an additional module to handle invoices. The module allows to issue a VAT invoice shortly after a completed weighing operation. While issuing the invoice, one can take into account, among others, discounts allocated to a given business partner or product.

Defining data on invoices

Upon a completed weighing operation, the user can verify the data displayed on the invoice such as the data of a seller, of a purchaser; the user can also edit the data related to the weighed products, namely: units of measurement, VAT rates, or discount amounts. The user can also add an additional note to the invoice.

List of invoices

At the invoice level the user can browse through the list of issued documents and edit them. The user can add a new invoice or issue a corrective invoice. It is also possible to preview the invoice before printing out and to preview the invoice duplicate. At the level of the invoice list, one can also generate reports.

Collective invoice

It is possible to issue a collective invoice for the given business partner or product. The user can decide which weighing operation results shall be put on the given collective invoice.

Discount list

The program allows to define the level of the discounts allocated to particular products, which are assigned to the given purchaser.

Generating reports

In the GSW program it is possible to generate reports on the basis of issued invoices. It is possible to generate a detailed summary report and a summary report for a given month.

A list of prices for products

A given product can be given particular prices. The prices can also be entered by means of the agreements/decisions bookmark.

Agreements and decisions assigned to the given business partner

The program allows to allocate an agreement to the given business partner. One can enter a list of products being subject to the given agreement, as well as the following data:

• limits
• unit prices
• VAT value
• discount values




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Invoice handling (software module)


Additional modules to the GSW Standard program

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