Weighbridge monitoring

(registering the presence of a weight on the weighbridge)

Detection of non-performed weighing operations

Lack of stable weighing
The weighing operation
Maximum weight 39 420 kg

Stable weighing
The weighing operation

The module allows to record the vehicles passing over the weighbridge, the weight of which exceeds 400 kg, and with reference to which no taring or weighing operation has been performed. During the recording process, some photos from cameras may be taken.

Clear marking on the weighing list

The GSW program can have an event recording module – it may register all cars passing over the weighbridge. All cars that have not been subject to the weighing operations will be recorded. The program records their maximum weight and takes photos. Each case of a vehicle passing over the weighbridge is registered on the weighing list and marked by a special weighing type. The module can be used by the weighbridge owner to control, more closely, the traffic of vehicles on the weighbridge. It might also be used as a simple system of automated weighing process, e.g. for weighing operations performed overnight, in the absence of the staff.

To monitor the vehicles passing over the weighbridge,
by means of the RSD device connected directly to the weighbridge

The RSD recorder
is set for vehicle
monitoring mode

Truck scale

RSD is a universal recorder of data coming from the RS2323 serial port. The device can operate under several modes. One of the available modes is the mode to monitor a number of vehicles passing through the weighbridge. In this mode, the RSD device records the appearance of a weight on the weighbridge, the volume of which exceeds the threshold defined in the program setting (e.g. 400 kg). The recorder records the maximum stable weight or the maximum unstable weight, should there appear no stable value in the period between entering the weighbridge and exiting it. The recorder can also control a relay for a determined period of time, should there appear a weight that exceeds the fixed threshold. Moreover, the device can be directly connected to the weighing metre.




GSW Standard Software


Weighbridge monitoring (software module)


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Additional modules to the GSW Standard program

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