Database, weighing types, user privileges...

Configurable database tables

In order to perform a weighing operation in the GSW program, under a default configuration, one needs 3 pieces of information:

  • Plate number/ Railcar number
  • Client
  • Product

In case the information turns out to be insufficient, the GSW program allows, owing to its configurable database tables, to create additional 10 data tables (dictionaries) and 8 information fields.

Scale meters

The GSW software deals with more than 60 types of scale meters. Should you possess a meter which cannot be operated by our software, we shall create a module for its servicing with no additional costs apart from the software price.

See a list of scale meters served by the GSW software.

See a list

Weighing ticket editor

The GSW software is equipped with a graphics editor which allows users to adjust the look of the weighing tickets to their own needs (e.g. to headed paper)

Editor functions:

  • a changed order of all elements of the ticket
  • possibility to delete any elements
  • possibility to add additional text elements
  • adding graphics files in the following formats: bmg, jpg and png *changes to font size, typeface and colour of every element

Management of users’ rights

The GSW program includes a user management panel.

Users possessing administrator accounts have full access to all and every functions of the program. It is possible to manage the permissions related to “Scales operators” accounts

Camera operation

The GSW program includes an advanced mechanism to manage video sources. The mechanism allows analogue and IP cameras to operate simultaneously.

The GSW allows to connect up to 12 cameras at the same time (4 cameras per a scales).

For IP cameras, a special application is available in the configuration window. The application helps to configure video streams. It contains “connection links” to a few thousand of the most popular cameras.

Managing Licence Agreements

In the GSW software, it is possible to identify any number of licence data. The function is particularly useful when the scales is used by more than one enterprise.

Licence data is printed-out on the weighing scales and on reports.

For every licence agreement, the program individually numbers weighing operations in a yearly cycle.

The GS Backup utility program

The GSW program is equipped with tools designed to make backup copies of the database.

In case of a single user mode, a copy can be created automatically during closing of the program. In case of a network mode, copies are created by the GS Backup program, in line with a defined schedule.

Upon creation of copies, GS Backup can automatically transfer an output file to a folder in a different device.

The GS backup serves as a service of the Microsoft Windows system.

ConfTrick – migration of data between computers

ConfTrick is a tool designed to transfer data of the GSW software between computers. Owing to that tool, the user can easily create a “packet” containing a database with configuration settings. By means of ConfTrick, recreating a weighing terminal in a new computer will take a few minutes only. ConfTrick is particularly useful in case of a breakdown or failure of a computer.

The DB Wizard program

The DB Wizard program is helpful when the GSW program is configured to operate with a database remote server.

SQL console

The GSW program includes an integrated SQL console, designed to manage the database server.

Connection to technical assistance

The GSW program includes an integrated client of the TeamViewer program. Owing to that, it is very easy to contact the technical assistance team of GS-Software.

Functions of the GSW Standard

See the details

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