Weighing ticket print-outs

Ticket editor

The GSW program allows to print weighing tickets in a graphics form (by means of laser and ink printers) and in a text form (by means of dot-matrix printers).


Printing weighing tickets

Printing weighing tickets

Printing weighing tickets

Print-out settings

A user can define the following parameters:

  • a number of printed-out copies
  • paper format (A4, A5)
  • a number of tickets per one page
  • a printer type
  • a printing type (graphics, text one)
  • a format of ESC commands (only for dot-matrix printers)

Additional features

  • a logo on the weighing ticket
  • printing of the Alibi memory number
  • printing of packaging/ container lists for a given weighing operation
  • rotating print-outs by 90 degrees
  • printing of the footnote text
  • possibility to automatically record weighing tickets in the pdf format
  • printing of full and simplified customer details

Weighing ticket editor

The GSW software is equipped with a graphics editor, which helps users to tailor the look of their weighing tickets to their own needs (e.g. headed paper).

Editor functions:

  • changes to a location of all ticket elements
  • possibility to delete any elements
  • possibility to add additional text elements
  • possibility to add graphics files in the following formats: bmp, jpg and png *changes to the font size, typeset and colour for every element.

Non-standard tickets

Tickets created by means of the editor can be imported to the program. Each product must have a different ticket.

Examples of tickets:

Viewing and printing of tickets from the level of the weighing list window

From the level of the weighing list and the window of first weighing operations, there is a possibility to view and print a weighing ticket. Tickets may be exported to the following formats: PDF, Ms Excel and JPEG.

Quick print window

The GSW program is equipped with a quick print function, available from the weighing operation window and from the menu on the main form of the program. The function allows to print a weighing ticket without searching for it on the weighing operation list.

Quick print function is useful when it comes to printing a greater number of tickets than it shows from the program configuration – e.g. 98% customers need one copy, whereas 2% customers need three copies.

Collective weighing tickets for draft of railcars

The GSW program has a mechanism for weighing drafts of railcars.

Upon weighing of an entire draft of railcars, the user can print a collective weighing ticket for the entire draft.

Functions of the GSW Standard

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