The GSW software can operate in a network, inter-linked to form any number of terminals


The SQL server

The GSW software operates on the basis of the Firebird database server. One-terminal installation (without network operation) does not require any installation of a server – the entire operation of connecting the software and the database shall be automatically performed by an installer.

In case of connecting several software to form a network, a server must be installed. The server can operate under one of the following systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux

The software is delivered in a package with tools necessary for configuring software.




DB Wizard utility program

The package contains the GSW software and the DB Wizard utility program. The program helps to configure connections to the database server.

GS Backup utility program

The GSW program contains tools for creating database backup files.

In case of one-terminal work, a backup copy can be created automatically upon closing of the software. In case of network activities, copies are saved by the GS Backup, in line with a planned schedule.

Having created backup copies, the GS Backup can automatically forward an output file to a folder made available in a different device.

The GS Backup acts as the Microsoft Windows service system.

Access to the data via the Internet

Access to the data via a SMARTPHONE

Access to the data via a COMPUTER

Access to the data via a TABLET

Try the data browser online

The GSW program contains an additional module that allows to review weighing results, photographs and reports via the internet. The solution allows to access weighing results via a smartphone or a tablet.

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Client identification: demopl
User name: demo
Password: demo1

Functions of the GSW Standard

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