Report generator

Reports are regarded as one of the software advantages. The GSW software contains a report generator that allows to create any summaries of performed weighing operations. In three simple steps a user can define report conditions and scope of data displayed on a print-out. Results are presented in a detailed (a list of all weighing operations) or summary form.




Report template

The GSW software contains a mechanism that allows to save report templates. Owing to that, the user does not have to define at any time the same searching criteria for weighing operations – all he/she has to do is to select a template from the list. Report templates are particularly useful when, e.g. it is necessary to periodically send a given report to a specific client – the only thing you have to do while selecting a template is to define date brackets (from – to).

The mechanism of report templates records data-searching criteria and visibility of particular fields in the report.

Exporting reports to MS Excel

Every report created in the GSW program can be exported to the MS Excel format, without the necessity of having MS Office installed. Export files are native files in the ‘xls’ format.

Report examples

Detailed reports, summary reports

  • A detailed reports containing all weighing operations per a selected period.
  • A detailed report for a given client, as of a given day.
  • A detailed / summary report for a given period, organised according to clients and products.
  • A summary report of deliveries, organised according to drivers.
  • A summary report organised according to rides performed for a given client.

Visibility of columns in a report

The software allows to define a number of columns to be seen in the report.

The following items are generally visible: a weighing ticket number, a date of the first weighing operation, a date of the second weighing operation, a plate number / a railcar number, a client’s business name, a product name, a weighing type, net mass value.

Exporting reports

Reports can be exported to the following formats:

  • MS Excel (xls)
  • Pdf
  • Jpg
  • Rtf
  • CVS

One shall not be obliged to install the MS Office package on its computer in order to export reports to MS Excel.






Printing of reports

Reports can be printed out in a graphics mode (via ink and laser printers) and a text mode (dot-matrix printers).



Printing weighing tickets ON DOT-MATRIX PRINTERS

Printing weighing tickets ON LASER PRINTERS

Printing weighing tickets ON INK PRINTERS

Reports on inventory balance

Should an inventory module be used, the GSW software shall contain a function of creating reports on the basis of inventory balance.

Functions of the GSW Standard

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